“Social enterprise can be a way to accelerate the evolution of capitalism.”

“Social enterprise can be a way to accelerate the evolution of capitalism.” Dolly Fleming, Executive Director, Mercy Connections

Friday was a beautiful day to attend Common Good Vermont’s Annual Luncheon in South Burlington.


The event, Common Good Vermont’s Annual Luncheon 9/26 – Is Social Enterprise an Effective Strategy for Nonprofit Sustainability?, was described as:

Join Vermont’s thought leaders in social enterprise us for thought provoking discussion, great lunch and the networking event of the season as Common Good Vermont kicks off another great season of mission-driven support programs. The discussion will be led by Betsy Schmidt, Director of George Mason University’s Center for Social Entrepreneurship and adjunct-professor at Vermont Law School. She’ll be joined by a panel of Vermont nonprofit leaders who are bringing entrepreneurial skills and business thinking to their mission-driven organizations: Jack Glade, Executive Director of The Tutorial Center, Tiffany Bleumle, Executive Director of Vermont Works for Women, and Dolly Fleming, Executive Director of Mercy Connections.

The well-attended event was a who’s who of the Vermont non-profit community. It was recorded by CCTV if you’d like to catch it in it’s entirety.

Quotes and Links:

    • Reframe: Non-Profit sector moving away from being “charity” to being the “mission-driven” sector (Lauren-Glenn Davitian)
    • Reframe: Non-Profits are not just organizations with their hands out but are contributors and economic drivers (Lauren-Glenn Davitian)
    • Lucy Bernholz,  scholar who publishes an annual report on the links between philanthropy and the social economy
    • Why does the tax status matter? It’s the mission that matters. (Betsy Schmidt)
    • Social Business Model Canvas, free business model tool based around social enterprise
    • Social Enterprise Alliance, lots of resources for those starting down this path.
    • Dolly Fleming spoke about using their limited resources in the best available way to go down the social enterprise path. They are doing trend research to make sure they are on the forefront of the next trend instead of entering any already mature market.

An idea for the future: a speed dating between non-profits looking to find creative revenue streams with local social entrepreneurs from the business community to find potential collaborations.

Thank you to the Common Good Vermont team -Lauren-Glenn, Kathleen and Shelagh. They used our project, the Marketplace, to list unsold seats for the luncheon. 2 Marketplace members and I were able to pay 100% Trade Dollars to attend.

If you’ve got an event and would like to explore getting more sales and attendees through the Marketplace, you can contact us.


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