Current Projects

VBSR Marketplace is a peer to peer trade network to help people get new customers and save cash by turning their excess capacity into purchasing power. It also acts as an interest free line of credit to start up businesses and those with cyclical cash flow needs.  Vermont Resilience Lab operates and administers this network and is currently hiring Business Development Specialists. Contact for Details.

OSCurrency is an open source mutual credit platform for trade networks and TimeBanks. We are a user, co-developer, and community builder for the project.

Community Designed Currency is an emerging framework to help communities of people start and run their own currency. In most currencies the average user doesn’t have the access, knowledge or process to be a co-creator. This framework will help bring equality in governance and local ownership to currency systems.

Pop Up Think Tanks are a method to encourage short term collaboration among people with different viewpoints but similar challenges.  Our methodology is open-source and published here.

Selected Past Projects

Women’s Small Business Program TimeBank Pilot Project ran in 2013-2014 as an innovative exploration to apply TimeBanking into a non-profit peer support and entrepreneurial network.

National Day of Civic Hacking A two-day civic coding event which launched a local Code for America Brigade. We had 50 participants, 10 projects, and over 675 hours donated to local governments and non-profits. VRL acted as a co-producer (credited to our VBSR Marketplace project) from site selection to sending out thank yous.

Asset Mapping Workshops Head, Hearts, Hands is a way to uncover latent assets in your community and provide a simple exercise in which people can learn connect in new ways by exchanging value.

Pop Up Burlington VRL Founder Amy Kirschner proposed a project for a Random Hack of Kindness. She spent two days working with developers to create a prototype site to match non-profits with a need for meeting or event space with vacant storefronts and business locations. The project was featured on an episode of Emergent by Design TV. The open source code is available on github.

Social Entrepreneurs Meetup In 2011, we helped organize a series of well attended meetups to surface and build connections among people who identified as social entrepreneurs.